Tommy Tutone alumnus serves up ready-made meat-and-taters rock.

“A stylistic chameleon working within clearly defined parameters, the veteran Jim Keller is equally at home with every iteration of mid- to late-’70s guitar rock. On his second solo album in as many years, Keller hews close to his origins as the guitarist in the Springsteen-influenced Tommy Tutone and co-writer of the iconic 1082 hit “867-5309/Jenny”. Working primarily with ready-made elements, the veteran applies his rugged, lived-in baritone to material that vividly evokes Graham Parker & The Rumour (whose drummer, Steve Goulding, is on the record) on “White Gloves And Pearls”, Mink DeVille on “Julianne” and Moon Martin on the title track.” – Bud Scoppa