Mitchell Froom and I put this track together in the midst of the NY lock down this Spring. I wrote the song with Byron Isaacs, recorded it on my iPhone (voice and acoustic guitar) and sent it to Mitchell who then blew it up with this great arrangement.

Now Mitchell and I have this thing, no guitar solos in general, but I loved this track that Mitchell put together and was dying to hear what someone would do over it. We decided to throw it out to some friends and see what happened if they did their thing over an extended outro. I sent it initially to Nels Cline, David Hidalgo and Marc Ribot. They all sent back tracks cut from home rigs or whatever they could muster at the time.

Now we have about 30 or so versions from other great players we respect which we’ll post. It just kind of turned into something. Maybe we’re crazy, I don’t know, but…Don’t Get Me Started…

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