Produced by Mitchell Froom and David Boucher.
Recorded and mixed by David Boucher.
Recorded in Mitchell’s Backyard.
David Hidalgo - Guitar and Background Vocals
Bob Glaub - Bass
Michael Urbano - Drums and Percussion
Mitchell Froome - Keyboards
1. EASY RIDER (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs)
2. LAYING ON THE TRACKS (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs, Mitchell Froom)
3. I DON'T WANT TO FIGHT ANYMORE (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs, Mitchell Froom)
4. MISTAKES (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs)
5. FIND MY SHADOW (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs, Billy Harvey)
6. MARIA COME HOME (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs)
7. DON'T GET ME STARTED (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs)
8. PRETENDING (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs)
9. LOVE ON THE LINE (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs, Julian Crouch)
10. WILD LOVE (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs, Mitchell Froom)
11. DONE WALKING THE LINE (Jim Keller, Byron Isaacs)